How To Use Tracking Software In Pakistan To Track Office Employees?

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    TrackQlik# 1 Tracking Software in Pakistan is a solution designed to track office and remote employees. Although the features are the same for both scenarios, there are typically some options for each of them.

    TrackQlik# 1 Tracking Software in Pakistan

    How To Use Tracking Software In Pakistan To Track Office Employees?

    How To Use Tracking Software In Pakistan To Track Office Employees?

    If you are tracking office employees working on company-owned computers, you should opt for a company computer. Tracking Software in Pakistan allows employees to track in stealth mode, set different tracking scenarios and more. But we’ll get more details about these people in the next steps.

    After setting up basic information about your company, the next step is to create tracking settings at the company level. They can be changed later, and you can create different settings for different teams/employees. However, we suggest you go through the setup now so you can get a grip of the features and learn more about them.

    App visibility

    Tracking Software in Pakistan important difference between the tracking office and remote employees is that you can track office workers in stealth mode. This means that they will not be able to see the Tracking Software in Pakistan on their computer, so they will not be able to interact with it in any way. Depending on what option you choose, other features may or may not be available.

    Attendance Tracking

    In addition to acting like GPS Tracking in Pakistan. Tracking Software in Pakistan can automatically track watch/output based on computer activity, or you can select the manual attendance option, in which case your employees will need to click the clock in / out button.

    Task Tracking

    Tracking Software in Pakistan allow workbooks to find time in tasks, employees will need to click the Start / Stop button while switching between tasks. On the other hand, if you don’t want to track tasks separately, Tracking Software in Pakistan will work all the time and measure work time as well as time spent on different websites and applications.

    Screenshots per hour

    The screenshot feature is optional, and here you can set the frequency per hour (maximum number of screenshots is 30 per hour). Screenshots are taken at random times, so your employees are not able to run them. You can also trigger manual screenshots from your dashboard.

    Break time

    If you want to track how much time your employees spend at regular intervals, you can set it up here. If events are not limited, you should select the No Time option. When employees click the Start Break button, their computer activity can no longer be tracked.


    When you log into the Dashboard, you will be able to switch between pages in the menu and analyze different tracking sections.

    In the Screenshots tab, you can view screenshots from all your employees, or filter them based on teams, projects, or tasks. You can open each screenshot individually, and delete them if you wish. In addition, if your employees use multiple screens at work, Delivery Software in Pakistan will catch them all at once.

    Tracking settings

    You can either create shared settings, and apply them to multiple employees (default settings will be based on whether employees use the company or personal computer), or create different settings for each employee. 

    There are 5 different tracking scenarios in Workpools:


    Unlimited – The tracker works when the computer is on, on the day you choose.

    Fixed – Specify the hours and days during which workpieces will work.

    Automatic – Tracker works when employees are connected to office networks.

    Manual – Work pool activities will be detected only when employees manually rotate the clock.

    Project-oriented – Tracking Software in Pakistan will only work when employees track time on projects. There are also job settings, so you can choose whether they can find the time on tasks, add new tasks, and get them done during those tasks.

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