How can vehicle tracking in lahore-karachi-islamabad-pakistan help you identify unsafe drivers and prevent accidents?

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    TrackQlik#1 Vehicle tracking in lahore-karachi-islamabad-pakistan helps you identify unsafe drivers and prevent accidents.  Maintaining a safe workplace is always a challenge, but when your employees drive a company and work in the field, that challenge seems unforgivable. In the traditional office, monitoring employees, encouraging safe conduct, and addressing common risks such as exposed bones or wet floors is relatively straightforward. However, if your employees work remotely, supervising drivers and identifying and eliminating unsafe driving habits such as hazards is often more complicated.

    TrackQlik#1 Vehicle tracking in lahore-karachi-islamabad-pakistan

    How can vehicle tracking in lahore-karachi-islamabad-pakistan help you identify unsafe drivers and prevent accidents?

    How can vehicle tracking in lahore-karachi-islamabad-pakistan help you identify unsafe drivers and prevent accidents?

    When your driver is on the road, GPS Tracking in lahore-karachi-islamabad-pakistan, like your eyes, make it easy to monitor driver behavior. In any industry, fleet organizers can use accurate and up-to-date information about vehicle problems and driver behavior so they can identify driving habits and determine how to prevent prior accidents.

    Identifying unsafe drivers

    Unsafe drivers can lead to a number of problems for your fleet, including increased risk of injury, poor public image, higher insurance premiums, and increased repair and maintenance costs. Collisions and other incidents involving dangerous driving habits can be prevented by identifying high-risk drivers and taking steps to improve their driving habits before an accident occurs. There are a number of tools available to help fleet managers identify unsafe drivers. Here are some of the most effective:

    1. Driver safety report cards

    The most capable Tracking software in lahore-karachi-islamabad-pakistan are able to help fleet managers monitor individual and fleet-wide driver safety by generating daily safety report cards, as well as safety trends over time.

    2. Speeding alerts

    Many Vehicle tracking systems send real-time text message or email alerts whenever a driver exceeds the posted speed limit. Driving over the speed limit doesn’t necessarily indicate dangerous driving, but it may reflect poorly on your company’s public image, and company vehicles often carry special equipment, which may make speeding – even if it’s only a mile or two over the speed limit – more dangerous for your drivers and other motorists.

    The most effective Vehicle tracking systems give fleet managers an opportunity to set customized speeding thresholds so an alert is triggered when drivers exceed the posted speed limit by a certain amount. The occasional speeding alert may not be cause for concern, but if you begin to notice a pattern of excessive speeding from one or many of your drivers, you may want to consider taking disciplinary action or providing additional training.

    3. Harsh braking alerts

    Vehicle tracking in lahore-karachi-islamabad-pakistan is also capable of sending alerts for harsh braking. Similar to speeding alerts, the occasional harsh braking alert may not conclusively indicate unsafe driving; after all, a driver may have to brake quickly to accommodate another motorist or to avoid hitting something that unexpectedly entered the road.

    A pattern of harsh braking behavior may indicate inefficient scheduling, unfamiliarity with safe braking practices, or even aggressive driving. In addition to putting your driver and other motorists at risk, regular harsh braking can wear down your vehicles faster and reduce your fleet’s fuel efficiency. If one or many of your drivers are regularly triggering harsh braking alerts, consider taking action and coaching your drivers on the importance of safe braking practices.

    4. Rapid acceleration alerts

    In addition to speeding and harsh braking alerts, Vehicle tracking in lahore-karachi-islamabad-pakistan can also send immediate text and email alerts for rapid acceleration. Rapid acceleration can signal aggressive driving behavior, but it may also reveal routing inefficiencies if your drivers feel a need to rush from location to location. If you’re receiving regular rapid acceleration alerts via your Vehicle tracking device, you may wish to review your drivers’ daily routes or consult with your drivers about their driving habits to determine if there’s a way for you to help optimize their daily schedule. If there are no scheduling concerns, consider providing additional driver training.

    Stopping preventable accidents

    It is one thing to know which drivers are committing dangerous driving behaviors, but it is another to change these behaviors and promote a culture of safety. One popular method for improving driver safety and eliminating preventable accidents is to create a point-based system, similar to the demerit point system used by many states, for managing unsafe drivers.


    Effective point-based systems focus on educating drivers and coaching them on ways to improve their driving habits. However, you may wish to consider creating a disciplinary strategy that clearly communicates the consequences for proven unsafe drivers, such as additional classroom training, verbal or written warnings, or in the most serious cases, termination. Reward programs for safe driving can also provide powerful incentive for operating vehicles safely and responsibly and can help you prevent accidents before they happen.

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