Survey software in Pakistan – 7 Critical Research Questions

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    Survey software in Pakistan can offer you an understanding of your market, your product or service, your rivals and your audience. Here are 7 marketing research survey questions every marketer  should ask:

    1. Who is currently purchasing your products or services?

    A very crucial question to ask, to know your customer’s or client’s purchasing behavior and understand what exactly are their needs and preferences. Once you’ll identify their purchase pattern and behavior it’s easier to cater to their needs in a better manner.

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    2. What audience are going to be curious about purchasing the merchandise in future?

    Businesses get to know what sort of audience they’re willing to focus on while launching a replacement product within the market. The features or the attributes associated with the products should be forethought to suit the requirements of the audience.

    3. What are the main reasons for not buying the product?

    There are different factors involved when a buyer chooses to not buy your product. A number of the common issues are: price, quality of the merchandise , usefulness of the merchandise , competitor features, a better product then on.

    4. Where would individuals purchase your products or services from?

    In this technology-driven world, buyers prefer sitting within the comfort of their home and use the web to its optimum potential to buy online. Mostly people prefer shopping online over the normal brick and mortar store. Once you know the precise source of their purchase, it’s advisable to make efforts to make the purchasing process smoother.

    5. Who is that the main competitor?

    Knowing your competitors is usually advisable while you’re in a competitive environment. If you recognize your competition, the likelihood is that you’ll be better prepared. There could also be incidences where even your most loyal customers can choose your competitors over you for reasons that you simply might have to explore further.

    6. What are your reasons for different features of our products or service (packaging, name, features, pricing, advertising)?

    According to a study, loyal customers have emotional attachments with products offered by brands. it’s important to understand what your buyers feel about the merchandise and Survey software in Pakistan  features or services that they provide. Supported by feedback received from customers, a brand can work on strategies for improving their packaging, features, pricing, advertising etc.

    7. What upgrades might be made to your products or services to make it better?

    This open ended question can assist you gain maximum feedback from your customers as they’re going to have an appropriate platform to precise what changes they expect. Through feedback and comments gathered, it’ll be easier for you to figure on the upgrades or changes.

    TrackQlik’s Survey software in Pakistan  provides a handy solution where 5 questions are often converted to 1 hence reducing the questionnaire length and survey reaction time.

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